My name is Jameson...

Two weeks back, I was at a bar where I asked the bartender for a shot of Jameson whiskey. My order lit up a big smile on his face. Unfortunately, he didn't have Jameson. But that didn't explain his smile. Seeing a perplexed me, he decided to recount a interesting incident with a customer.

One night at the bar, an young girl approached the bartender. She was unsteady after having consumed too many drinks.

She: I want a Jameson.

Bartender: *listening*

She: A free Jameson.

Bartender: *raises his eyebrows in order to question the free clause*

At this point, she pulls out her ID and shows it to the bartender.

She: See my last name is Jameson. I own the whole thing. So I demand a free drink!

Bartender: *without losing his cool* I'm sorry.

She: *agitated* What?!! I own the thing. You can't give me a free drink.

Bartender: *once again doesn't lose his cool* We don't serve Jameson. There is no Jameson in this bar!

She was not happy with the answer and she returned to her table. But the evening turned out to be a nightmare to the bartender. She couldn't hold her liquor and whatever she consumed was on the floors of the bar in a few minutes.

That is the story behind the smile. I decided to choose another brand for the evening. As I could hold my liquor or know where to throw up, the bartender was excused of a hard night. Now for you... If you have a fancy name like a liquor brand as your surname, you could try this stunt. There is no guarantee if it will work. At the same time, there is no harm in trying. Good luck!



  1. :):D ha ha..since I can not be a Dog or a Label, wish I were a Walker:):P

    1. Walker is more like it. Then you could ask for the Blue Label. ;)


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