Photos: Paris Zombie Walk 2012

Trust Paris to come up with something interesting week after week. Last week, it was the Zombie walk from  Place du Chatelet to Place des Vosges. 

What is a zombie walk? You may wonder. It is people dressed up as zombies and walking through the streets of Paris. Since these are zombies, there is a lot of red paint everywhere in the body of these walkers. There are people who take it too seriously and put on an act. At the end, it is thoroughly enjoyable if you can stomach the color red used as a substitute of blood.

The participants are mainly young things. So there is a lot of noise associated with the walk. Also, there is a strong smell of marijuana in the air. One of the interesting thing was to see a bunch of zombies lighting a joint in the midst of cacophony.

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  1. So that's how you become a zombie. Great story.

    1. A correction. That is how to dress up as Zombie. :)

  2. Woahh....scary photos Nona :o

    :) :) :)



  3. I'm just about to go to bed. I'm wondering if it was a good idea to have clicked on the link to this post. :)
    Cant help saying -- Great shots, Nona.

  4. I couldn't resist commenting. Well written!


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