Zaanse Schans - Windmills and a goat

I have been Zaanse Schans in 2003. But I didn't know the name of the place. I was more interested in the windmills, the wooden shoes and cheese. While meeting up with a friend and his family, whom I haven't seen for 16 years and had opportunity of meeting them twice in the past year, they suggested Zaanse Schans. To which our reaction was "Why not?".

Anyways, Zaanse Schans is a short train ride away from Amsterdam Centraal station. Once you get off from the train, it is a short walk to the windmills. There is no need for worry. The road leading to windmills are clearly marked. On top of it, there is an information counter which is dedicated for visitors. All these show what is the major booster for the local economy.

The windmills were fun to capture and also an ideal place to chill out. What interested more was the goat. The goat was posing for everyone!

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