A father talks about how fast kids grow up

Yesterday, I met up with fellow photography enthusiasts for a photo shooting session. It was a full moon day and we went to explore the area around Parc de la Villette. It was a learning experience for me where I mostly observed. Now, the fellow enthusiasts are posting really cool pictures as part of our mission. As for me, there aren't any worthy ones to showcase. Anyways, that is not the point of this post. 

I ganged up with two other photographers on the way back home. Three of us were from different age groups. But we had one thing in common. We were all fathers. Being fathers, our discussion soon turned to kids. Kids grow up fast. As soon as they step into their teens, the equation changes. I am not aware on how does the equation changes. But this is what I hear. That also formed the topic of discussion. One of us who had a 4 year daughter was articulate with his response. "I hear that a lot. For now, I am burying my head in sand and going to enjoy it while it lasts". That is when the third person decided to tell us his experience. The anecdote is from a few years back; a few years back when his son decided to move out of his home.

When the son takes a break from packing, he approaches my friend and tells him, "Dad, I have something to show you". Then the son leads my friend to the bedroom, opens up the cupboard and removes one of the top wooden pieces that serves as the separation to reveal marijuana plants. The son proudly tells the dad, "This is my secret garden". My friend takes in a deep breath, evaluates the situation and tells, "I'm glad you are moving out!".



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