A gallery and a restaurant

In the past two weeks, I have come across a theme for the first time. A gallery combined with a restaurant. I am not talking about the sandwich-salad-dessert counter. I am referring to a full blown functional restaurant. I have no reasons to complain because I enjoyed both the places.

The first place is called Le Bal. It shares the common entrance with an art gallery. The decor is subdued yet bright due to the white walls and dim lights. It is situated on road leading to a dead-end referred as impasse locally. The cobbled street leading to the restaurant exudes an old European aura. Art exploration or appreciation was not in my agenda. I was interested only in the food. The food is homemade and not industrialized in local parlance. It means they cook the food from basic raw materials instead of mixing semi-cooked food to produce the final dish appearing on the table. They have only a fixed menu, main dish with entree or dessert versus all three items together. Each item features only three choices. The entire menu is printed on a stationary with logo of the hotel and changed every day. The place was crowded and noisy. The food was delicious.
Menu of Le Bal
The second place is Bellevilloise Cafe. I was in this cafe because of the photo exhibition at the gallery  next doors named PhotoOff. The intention was have a quick dinner and then visit the photo exhibition with fellow photography enthusiasts. There is a long queue especially on Saturday night and you need a reservation. We given a table till 9 pm. Before 9 pm, we should be wrapping up and going out the door. The restaurant looks like a converted auto repair shop. The high ceilings circulates a lot of air inside the building and the glass on the roof lets natural light come in. When the tables were occupied, the sound levels increased. There was live music which made the evening more pleasant. The menu was written in chalk on blackboards which is indicative of a changing menu. The food was good.

I recommend you to try out both the restaurants. The first for the food and the second for the ambiance.

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  1. Hey.. I liked the listen now widget of your blog. And yes post was also very nice.

    1. It is free. You can try it out. :)

  2. I like the concept of a gallery and a restaurant. There are quite a few in Mumbai and I always look forward to visiting these places :-)

    1. I am across this kind for the first time. You should write about these too so that others can try it out. :)


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