Books: Cultural Intelligence

Today's world is a boiling pot of culture especially if you live in a city. Even when we are all from the same country of origin, our culture is different; by a tiny fraction for an outsider while by leaps and bounds for an insider. With this backdrop in mind, you aren't surprised when you come across this book written by Brooks Peterson.

Brooks Peterson defines culture and then goes on to explain how different cultures behave differently based on certain criteria. Thankfully, he doesn't use stereotypes although he cites examples from his professional/personal life. Using these criteria, he intends make us discover ourselves and how we may come into conflict when we are sitting opposite a person from the other side of the spectrum. He wants to sensitize us how the communication breaks down.

At the end of the day, the book ends up as a primer for the topic named Cultural Intelligence. It comes across as a brochure for what Brooks does for a living without offering anything concrete. If you are completely ignorant of how culture influences the professional world, then you may pick up this book. Otherwise skip to the end to check out the section for additional reading. That might serve you better. 

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