Do you remember my pin?

Breakup is hard. The period after the breakup is painful and uncertain. No matter the bitter taste of parting, there is so much love still left over in you. So you end up being confused, longing for the voice and the touch. I have heard many instances of the post breakup period.

Breakups might be painful for the actors involved but provide moments of laughter and learning for the rest of us. The recent breakup I have heard about is about a couple who was living together and subsequently moved apart due to various reasons. This is the second time they decided to live together and then move apart. This time, it is almost the end of the cycle. Two weeks after the breakup, the boy calls up the girl. The first thing he asks, now hold your breath, is for the pin of the ATM card. The pin of "his" ATM card! "Do you remember my pin?".

When I heard the narration of the event, I was sure it was not the real reason why he called. Is it too hard to tell the real reason?

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  1. No words. . .Used to think like why even breakup happens for reasons which they don't even care after some time. . :(

    1. Well, I didn't intend to make it a sad post. I wanted you to look at the lighter side of breakups. Breakup happens when there is incompatibility or even communication breakdown. As usual I am oversimplifying things. But then that is my trait. ;)


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