Getting a good price for a house

Have you gone shopping for your dream house? If you are as old as me, you would have already done this once. As it is the case with any kind of shopping, this one is also stressful. If you have gone shopping and also is a proud owner of a dream house, did you manage to get the best price out of the seller? Recently, my friend narrated his experience to me.

My friend was able to get a good deal out of the seller. Of course, it was around the time the financial meltdown was happening and the property prices were falling. This was not the only thing that enabled my friend to pinch the deal. According to my friend, he arranged for his friend to visit. Arranging for a visit? I agree it sounds dubious and scary. But the phrasing is only for adding drama. It wasn't as bad as we would think it to be.

His friend visited the seller, evaluated the house and quoted a price lower than what was offered previously. The idea was to trick the seller into thinking the prices were dropping fast. Luckily for my friend, it worked. He got a good deal on the house.

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