Surprise might not be a welcome thing

We say one thing and might end up doing the entirely opposite. How we act out in the mind might not be the way we do things in life. That is human nature. Take the case of a surprise. Many of us love to be surprised. But are we really happy when there is a surprise in store for us. Recently, my young friend decided to surprise his wife. This post is all about that.

My friend meticulously planned a trip to Morocco. He wanted to keep it as a surprise for his wife. So he told her they were going to India to visit their family and friends. He intended to tell the truth just before they boarded the airplane. I listened to the entire plan when he explained with a smile on his lips. The smile signified his satisfaction in imagining her look of surprise on her face when the best laid plan worked out the way he wrote the script. Call me a pessimist. I was okay with the plan. But there was a lot of "what about"s? What about the gifts she is going to buy for the friends and family  in India? What about the new clothes she is buying to wear in India? What about the plans she is making with her friends in India? These were just the "tip of iceberg" questions I asked to my friend. A determined mind. That is how I will describe my young friend. He had an answer for all the questions, though not very convincing. Finally, he went on vacation to Morocco. When he returned, I wanted to know how it all panned out. He told his wife about the real plans a day before they flew out. She was furious initially. All is well that ends well. They had a great time in Morocco.

I am happy for both of them. For you, who is planning to surprise your loved one, I have only one thing to say. It is okay to surprise your loved one. But it is also in your interest to surprise them and not to shock them.



  1. Also it is best if the surprise is better than what is expected.

  2. You have summed it up well - it is better to be surprised than shocked ! I like surprises and I like to be surprised too, but something like this ... I'm not so sure !

    1. :) That is the dilemma. For a guy, going home is like going home. For a girl, going home is taking a lot of gifts for everyone. That was my reservation about the plan.


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