Where do you keep your USB?

USB is a convenient device. Small and light. At the same time can carry important files. It is easier to copy on a USB and use it to copy to another computer when there is no network or a painfully slow network. But where do you keep your USB?

Recently, I saw a Tamil movie where an Ukrainian girl hangs the USB on a chain around her neck. It not only provides safe house for the USB but also gives the protagonist to flirtatiously use his fingers around her neck. Well, I haven't found anyone hanging USBs around their neck except in movies.

Take the case of my young friend. He keeps the USB on a key chain. The key chain contains other important keys, his house key being one among them. The trouble with such an arrangement is when you are leaving work in a hurry. You want to copy files in a hurry. You connect USB, copy files, juggle with million other things and run out of the door. You did everything except disconnect the USB.

This is a likely scenario. Imagine there is a bridge. In local parlance, a bridge means a working day that is sandwiched between a weekend and a holiday. If you take the bridge (translates to a day off), you have a long weekend of 4 days. My young friend did this mistake on such an occasion.

Luckily, the USB was still attached to the computer when he returned back to work.



  1. Thanks for sharing......


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    1. Thank you. Hope you learnt something from my young friend's experience. :)

  3. Convenient. But what if he misplaces the whole keybunch?

    1. Well, what I described is similar to what you mentioned. In simple words, he is in big trouble when he misplaces the whole keybunch. :)


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