Books: Die Trying

Jack Reacher has been moving from one city to another like a nomad. While in Chicago, Reacher sees a beautiful young woman in crutches struggling to get herself out of the drycleaners. Reacher offers help. But when he is helping her, three guys surround them and abduct both Reacher and the girl. Now, Reacher has to figure out the mystery behind the kidnapping and the importance of the girl when the nation gets ready for the July 4th weekend.

Lee Child continues the Reacher series with this novel. Lee doesn't waste time and gets into the action early in the novel itself. He is able to hook us on to the book with the sudden twists in the plot. Unlike the previous book, this is not told in the first person narrative of Reacher. Although it is the persepective of Reacher which is predominant throughout the book, the focus shifts to other players briefly. This helps in building the suspense and the drama. Given the backdrop of the book, this also is the best way to tell the story. Unfortunately, the plot seems sinister and non-believable that we end up losing interest towards the end of the book.

Like the predecessor, suspension of disbelief is required in reading this book. But this book is not as exciting as the previous one. The unfortunate part is we still have to read it to avoid discontinuity if we are actively following the series.

The other books in the series are.
Killing Floor

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