Books: Omnivore's Dilemma

There are criticism against the way food is manufactured in the modern age. The awareness created on the industrialization of the food industry has made a lot of people embrace the organic way - food and also farming. Michael Pollan chooses three options for consuming food. Before the actual consumption, he travels the food chain to see how it arrives on his table. The three options are a meal prepared from the industrial food chain, a meal prepared from the organic food chain and a meal prepared from what the nature has to offer.

At the core, the book tells us how the food on our table gets there. Since Michael uses an investigative style in telling the story, this book can be equated to a mystery. Although there is no danger associated with the journey undertaken by the author, there is an element of excitement and suspense which makes this book a difficult one to put down after you have taken it up for reading. When the food production methods are revealed to us, we will be surprised at many of the findings. Believe it not, there are political decisions that decide the type of food we eat. If that is not surprising, what you buy as 100% organic might not any way different than the industrial way of producing food in many ways.

Many of the books which embarks on similar journey flounders at the end. These books are not able to draw a solid conclusion without confusing the reader. Fortunately, Michael is able to voice the best approach, according to him, which is balanced and less hazardous than which is widely adopted. 

This book is for everyone as we should be aware of what we is turning up as meals on your plates and the it's impact on our society and environment. You may not change your habits after reading the book. But that is your decision. The most important part is generating awareness. If you are aware, then there is a remote chance for a change. If you are not aware, there is no hope for change!

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