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When his savings is about to run out, Jack Reacher stops at Key West and takes up odd jobs to meet expenses. His life in Florida is disrupted when a private eye from New York turns up searching for him. Although the private eye meets Reacher, the latter lies about his identity. Later, Reacher is intrigfued when he stumbles upon the dead body of the private eye. In order to find the people interested in him, Reacher flies to New York

Lee Child sets this installment of Reacher series in Reacher's past. The characters who influenced Reacher in many ways show up in this book. Also the mystery is set in the backdrop of military which is where Reacher worked in the past. The mystery also has a connection to the war which America wants to forget. This is a tiring link because Reacher is not from that era. Moreover, there are many other mysteries and novels set against this backdrop.

In this book, you see Reacher traveling a lot to different parts of the country. There are major changes happening in his nomadic life. This might be interesting for a reader who is interested in the series.  As for the book, the weakest link is the suspense because an avid reader of mystery can easily deduce this. That is the most disappointing factor of this book.

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