Finding an apartment...

Finding an apartment is a daunting task in Paris. First of all, Paris is a overcrowded small city. While Paris is a true blue melting pot of culture, it is a nightmare to find a place to live. This in turn provides many instances of anguish and also some moments of humor, that is if you have a quirky sense of humor like me.

A few months back, I heard a woman's perspective of this problem. She is single and there are a lot of suitors for her in this romantic city. Not a long way into the courting phase, the guys pops the question. If you are thinking the question has to do with the ring, you are wrong. The question is about the keys. "Can I move in with you?".

There is also the other side of the coin as another friend puts it. He was at an office party where one woman had one too many a drink. She was going around asking everyone if she can move in. Before you stereotype her, she had recently broke up with her boyfriend and has been straddling temporary residences. I am pretty sure she was fed up with the constant moves.

That brings me to last Sunday when I called up a friend with a proposition for a male bonding session at one of the bars. He was uninterested as he was preparing to meet a woman. What is so special about the woman that he refuses the best entertaining company in the town? She has an apartment. And my friend's rental lease is expiring.



  1. Ha, ha...all for an apartment, eh?! And hope your rental lease is intact :P

    1. Yes, for a best price for an apartment. My rental lease is good. :)


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