French Lessons: Maribataire

Have you heard the terms marié and célibataire? If you are single, I assume you know what a  célibataire is. My young friends know this word even if they do not know anything else in French. I have witnessed a conversation where in an young turk was quick to state, "I'm a célibataire". Forget the syntactical and semantic construction. He was able to drive the point home. marié and célibataire stands for married and single respectively. That is the French lesson.

But what about people like me? I am married but staying away from home as part of a work assignment. My colleague at work had come up with a term  maribataire . The word does not exist. But like my young friend, my colleague is also able to drive the point home with the ingenious conjugation of two words. For my colleague, it means best of both worlds. I differ. Living in two zones is not necessarily the best of both worlds.

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  1. Je suis célibataire aussi! hehehe :P

    1. Je sui marié...mais maribataire maintenant. :)


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