Movie Review: Jack Reacher

Christopher McQuarrie adapts the novel named "One Shot" by Lee Child for the big screen and also directs it. Jack Reacher is the hero created by Lee Child. The character already has a cult following. Given this in mind, it is herculean task to bring him alive on the screen. Christopher McQuarrie has to ensure adaptation turns out to be a good movie and thereby not only satisfy the fan base but also the regular movie goer. He finds a middle path to achieve this goal which makes the movie an interesting watch. The movie is about a man accused of shooting 5 innocent civilians in broad daylight and Jack Reacher(Tom Cruise) arriving in the city to solve the mystery. 

I haven't read "One Shot". But judging from all the books I have read so far from the Reacher series, the movie is bigger than the books. Lee Child unravels the mystery based on Reacher's conversations with other characters. The same happens in the movie but Reacher's conversation is a voice over the scenes thereby clearly telling the audience what happened. This works in setting the tempo of the movie. The dialogues in the novel by Lee Child is cheesy. Nobody in the real world talks like that. This is the second strength of the movie. The casting. 

Jack Reacher is 6 feet 5 inches where as Tom Cruise stands way below 6. Yet, Tom Cruise is able to get the essence of Jack Reacher and make us overlook many things with mixed expressions (sometimes deadpan and otherwise not) along with peculiar style of dialogue delivery. The same is true with Emerson played by David Oyelowo. David has more cheesy dialogues to say. But watch him say it and you may find respect for some of the lines. Robert Duvall as Cash and Richard Jenkins as Alex Rodin delivers a natural performance where the former plays a role which is written to endear the audience. It is Rosamund Pike as Helen Rodin who falls flat. Overall, the cast is good mix of people who over or under or rightly emote.

The director has taken special care during the introductory scene of Jack Reacher. Anybody who has read the novel immediately connects with the detachment of Reacher with materialistic possessions. The background music by Joe Kraemer is not loud but appropriate to elevate some of the key scenes and also the adrenaline levels.

This is a good escapist fare. 

Language: English 

Genre: Thriller 

Rating: ***

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  1. Hi Nona,

    I haven't read the book either. This looks like a good film to watch, maybe I'll catch it this weekend. :)
    Thanks for the review :)

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    1. Thank you. I will check your entry. :)

  2. Havent read the book too. But must-watch atleast for Tom Cruise.

    1. If you haven't read the book, you might miss out on some of Jack Reacher's characteristics... He doesn't like material possession. He uses cash always. He uses aliases of singers, ex-presidents or baseball players. He loves coffee etc. Barring this, it is good to watch for anyone who hasn't read the novel.


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