Revisiting the old questions

3 weeks of vacation. It is the longest vacation I have taken in years. Though the longest, it was still not sufficient. That is the predicament with a vacation. Arriving back from the vacation, I notice a lot of changes around. Paris has changed. Most of the trees lining the various sidewalks are naked without the leaves. It is looks different and beautiful at the same time. In winter, it is always dark when you are outside thanks to the shorter days and longer nights. The naked trees looks right in the longer nights.

The naked trees are not the only change. At work place, there are a lot of new faces. Many old faces have moved and new faces has been inducted. I like the infusion of fresh blood into the team. Have you observed the questions asked by a new face? They are eerily similar to the ones we raised when we were new to the team. These are also the questions we might have stopped asking when we got ourselves full swing into the action. Sometimes, these questions might turn out to be irritating or tiresome for us.

The forgotten questions, no matter how discomforting it may be, is good to be revisited after a while. The passage of time may given us more wisdom to see things clearly. We do not need any external help to revisit the old questions. But in the business of life, we often forget these old questions. That is where the new faces or the infusion of the fresh blood comes into picture. The world is new for them. They aren't afraid to ask questions.



  1. Change is the most difficult thing to handle for anyone. Whether it is bringing change or accepting change. Preparing for change is the ultimate challenge for a human being.

    1. Change, however difficult, is only the permanent thing in life. It is better to get accustomed to it instead of resisting. :)


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