Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What are you wearing today?

It is time to go back to work. Festivities are over and the new year has kicked in. So, it is time for business, as usual or with renewed vigor and new perspectives depending on how you look at it. That brings me to ask a simple question. What are you wearing for work today? I am a casuals man. The kind of work I do is white collar. But the kind of attire I wear is blue collar. I am referring to jeans here. If you are asking why jeans is being referred as blue collar, then you need to dig deeper to the origins of jeans.

I was glad when I moved to California. I was assigned a project there and I escaped the tristate area. Who wants to go to work stuffed in a business suit armed with a suitcase and a newspaper? That sounds unappealing for me. The casual approach to work-wear of the Silicon valley was more appealing. Wear what you feel like and work in the cutting edge of technology. Can you beat that combination? Over in France, everybody dresses for work. Fashion is so important that my young friend forbid me to wear sneakers except while running. Since I am no runner, the sneakers is lost, buried deep in the stuff acquired over the years.

Coming back to what we wear for work, the most interesting information was about the complaints about their partners. The men and women agree on this. The common complaint was the women dresses nicely for work and not at home. It was a woman who brought it up and a man on the table immediately backed it up by citing his partner's example. I am no expert in the field of fashion. But I have a question. It is from a man's point of view. We love to see women dressed up. It definitely serves a coolant on a mundane or a boring day. But what about the women? Don't you want give them a chance to smile?

Disclaimer: The question is directed to all the handsome men who is desperately in need of wardrobe upgrade. The preacher, I mean me, is exempt from the question.



  1. All dressed up as are my male colleagues!
    I do the same at home for my boyfriend.

    1. You are working at a place where they take fashion seriously. Great that you take efforts for your boyfriend. :)

  2. I just came across your blog and it is really fun to read! Will be following from now! :)

    Damned as I am since I come from a country that is underdressed! haha :D

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Where are you from?

    2. From Singapore! ... haha, just noticed I have not updated my profile picture! and came across it because I wanted to find some interesting sites to learn French, since my attention span is rather short... zzz :)


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