With friends like these...

With friends like these... Have you heard this expression? If you have, have you experienced such a situation? If you have, then you have a story to tell. I have experienced many situations which is apt for this expressions. I joke about this with my friends. I don't remember any of it now. Still, I have a story to tell. The story is not about me. This story is about my young friend and his friend. After what have transpired, believe me you will think twice before being friends with my young friend. As for me, I am glad to be his friend not only he will not be able to pull this one on me but also he being a good person like all other friends of mine.

Here is what happened. I was on the escalator with him towards the metro in La Defense. We were going down an his friend was coming up from the other side. So his friend was accompanied by a beautiful woman. Obviously, they were on a date. So his friend was shy on spotting my friend and shook hands while they passed each other. When the couple were out of our earshot, my young friend turned up and yelled something in French.

My French is bad. So I asked what it was. Have you any idea about what my friend shouted to his friend was? Hold your breath. He shouted, "How much did you pay for the woman?". In my younger days, I have also ridiculed my friends in public and also been involved in sabotaging the chances of a rival of a friend in many ways when it came to the matters of heart. But this is unheard of and also beyond imagination.



  1. oh my god ! par har ek friend zaruri hota hai :P :P

    1. Friend is necessary. But choose carefully. :)

  2. Replies
    1. he he he. Yes, it is really bad. :)


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