A Pretty Young Thing and hair!

A pretty young thing adds diversity to the team. This is what some of my learned friends say. The proponents of this theory also believe this phenomenon favors productivity. This is all backed up with anecdotes and no hard facts. So I can't endorse this theory. But one thing for sure, a pretty young thing definitely make men behave like boys. At least, that is what I have been noticing through the corner of the eyes all around me. When you have decades on your age-meter, events like these make you smile.

On Friday, the pretty young thing had a different problem to tackle. Her access card was ready. Since she has crying out loud about the inconvenience of not having an access card, I was surprised why she hasn't collected the card yet.

Me: Why haven't you collected the access card?

Pretty Young Thing (PYT): Don't worry. I will do it on Monday.

Me: *puzzled*

PYT: Today is not a good day.

Me: *still puzzled*

PYT: They take a photo for the access card. My hair doesn't look today. I don't want a photo taken today!

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  1. Hi Nona,

    HAHA, now that's called a Pretty young thing. Things people do for their hairs and their looks :)
    Lovely post :)


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  2. I have had drivers license photos taken on days when I have probably looked my worst! And I sincerely hope that's not the the reason, 'pretty young things' get added to teams, simply to add diversity! PS: I bet you would have rolled your eyes at the end of the hair statement :)
    Deepa's Kaleidoscope

    1. Diversity is not the reason why pretty young thing gets added to the team. This is the best match for the role and the best match happened to be a PYT. It is only a coincidence. :)

  3. Hahaha. Everyone of us were PYTs ate some point of time.

    Note: I have quite a few decades on my age meter now.

    1. he he he. PYTs are usually the fairer sex. I think you are saying we were all YTs. ;)


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