Books: Dongri to Dubai

If you analyze the list of movies made a few years back, it definitely shows our fascination for the Mumbai underworld. Here is a book chronicling the underworld in Mumbai over a period of 60 years. It tells us how the underworld grew in power, spawned all the news makers we are familiar with, their rise and in some cases, their fall too. This is written by the crime journalist S Hussain Zaidi.

Hussain Zaidi's book starts in the pre-independence era to the present day. The flip side of the book is the lack of structure. There are many stories but there is no smooth transition from one chapter to another. But the stories are so fascinating that we overlook the lack of structure. The majority of the book is devoted to Dawood Ibrahim.

If you are not a news junkie and wants to know more about Mumbai underworld, then this is a good book to pick up. This is a book primarily for an Indian reader and will not make much sense to others.

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