Books: The Power of Habit

You might have heard people advising you to adopt good habits and get rid of bad habits. You might have read countless self-help books which details how you can create new habits. In this book, the author Charles Duhigg tells the reader about what a habit is and how this knowledge has changed individuals, organizations and society. 

At the core, a habit can be broken down into three phases - cue, response and reward. This is the cycle of a habit. Many recent scientific studies have established this fact. Once you breaks down your habit into these three phases, you can change your habit easily. This is what Charles Duhigg tells the reader.

The interesting thing about the book is the scientific studies related to the different phases in the habit cycle is told briskly and clearly in the beginning chapters itself. Once this cycle is established, Charles Duhigg chronicles many real life experiences as evidences of changing a habit by creating a new habit. The real life experiences of marketing Febreze, civil rights movements in USA etc are used to highlight the importance of habit.

All of us struggle in changing bad habits and embracing good habits. This book serves as a good inspiration for all of us to understand and learn how to go about it. This is recommended to everyone. The real life experiences and the simplicity of narration will keep you engrossed in the book.

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