Movie Review: Die Hard 5: A Good Day to Die Hard

John McClane(Bruce Willis) finds out his son Jack McClane(Jai Courtney) is arrested in Russia. Jack has agreed to testify against a political prisoner and former billionaire Yuri Komarov(Sebastian Koch). So John lands up in Russia just in time for the trial. As soon as he reaches the courthouse, explosions rock the place initiating chaos all around him. In the midst of chaos, he finds Jack escaping with Yuri. Like always, John doesn't like to sit idle when trouble appears.

John Moore tells another episode in John McClane's life. The story unfolds in Russia. This time around, John is worried about his son Jack and not doing enough as a parent. It is also personal for John and hence the plot is reminiscent of the first in the series where his wife was trapped in the high rise. But that is where the similarity ends. There was a time John McClane used to be an ordinary cop in extraordinary circumstances who comes out victorious by either stubbornness or perseverance, depending on how you look at it. Those were the good old times. Now not only the circumstances are extraordinary but also John McClane is extraordinary. The simple fact takes the fun out of the series.

Like the immediate predecessor in the series, this one too offers a lot of unbelievable action pieces accomplished using CG. In order to show John is human, he bleeds. Except for the bleeding, nothing else happens to the man. He steps out of vehicles which has toppled multiple times without any broken bones. Both father and son jumps off a high rise, breaks the construction scaffolding, skids down multiple floors, destroys everything in their path and lands safely in a garbage bin. No, there are no broken bones here too. Talk about suspension of disbelief. This is taking it too far. The first chase sequence and the ensuing destruction is very hard to digest. Sometimes, you feel like watching an animation movie. Some of the stunts are well coordinated. But too much of anything is too bad. I am not even going to talk about the emotional bonding between father and son. At this point you have lost all the hope in the movie, even bad acting cannot make you guffaw.

The series is doing good in one way, the newer ones are hitting a new low than the previous ones. To summarize, it is a good day to die hard for the makers but it is a good day to die for the audience. Stay away from this. The sound of explosions and colliding cars can drive you mad if the bad acting doesn't do the trick.

Language: English 

Genre: Action

Rating: *

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  1. This movie doesn't even deserve that one star! :-)

    1. he he he. I am in a generous mood. ;)

  2. OK. Nice advice in the last . Thanks for sharing


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