Photos: Fire cracker rickshaw

When I clicked the picture, I had no idea what this was. It looked like the rickshaws found in the streets in India. Of course, our local rickshaw is a basic one when compared to this contraption. During the parade, I realized what it was. Firecrackers were loaded on to this rickshaw. A person rides it and another person walks besides it. The person walking, picks up the firecrackers and lights it. It was a nice sight.

The photo was taken when the rickshaw was parked in front of Hotel de Ville. A kid was playing with it.

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    1. Thank you for dropping by and for the comments. :)

  2. Will there be any chance of Thaipusam in Paris? :P

    1. There is no thaipusam. But there is Fete de Ganesha which is as close it can get to Thaipusam in this city. :)

    2. hahahah :P I said it in jest! so... did you manage to get any pictures from this Fete de Ganesha? :)

    3. I was not able to go for the Fete in 2012. But in 2011, I did go. There is a blogpost for the same.

    4. k k! Will check it out! Thanks! :)


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