Termination of a worker

There is no pink slip in France. There is job security and also leisure, in fact a lot of leisure. It comes as no surprise as France is dubbed as socialist. These are a few benefits of socialism. The employed is safe to a greater extent than other countries of the similar stature. This formed the crux of the conversation that I was participating on the way back from work in RER a week back. Yet I was astonished by recent developments.

Just before the official working day ended on Thursday, 5:30 pm to be precise, an acquaintance was shown the door. Apparently, the acquaintance doesn't have to show up at the work the next day. This incident caused uneasiness among the acquaintance's coworkers. Of course, This is no way to treat anyone. Even when you are showing the door, you give at least a couple of week's notice. The acquaintance I am talking about is an externe in the local lingo. To elaborate, an externe is an external consultant, somebody who is hired for special services. An externe is not an employee; just a hired help for a definite duration of time. But still, there is an etiquette to be followed.

Unfortunately, the externe in question was two degrees away from the final working place. When I say two degrees, the externe belonged to a company which offered the services of the externe to another company who has signed the deal with the final working place. So in front of the final company who has hired the externe believing the externe belongs to Company A in fact belonged to Company B. Now, Company A and B has clashed and hence the services of externe is withheld by the Company B.

Who is the villain here? Currently, the working place is looking like they had done something wrong even though they had no idea about the deal between Company A and Company B. They couldn't have anticipated a fallout between Company A and Company B.



  1. Hi Nona,

    That was an 'extreme'ly provoking post. You've made some valid points here.


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    1. :) It was not supposed to be provocative. I wanted to tell a bit about how subcontracting works in the bigger world.


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