Help is on the way depending on who you are with!

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator? I have experienced this predicament. By chance or luck, the elevators were designed to stop at the nearest floor and to open the door on all these occasions. Do you know there are people who are claustrophobic and hence avoid the elevators? Then there are others who use the stairs to stay fit. I used to work with the latter category where these people will climb up to the 9th floor using the stairs!

Anyways, the subject is about being stuck in an elevator. These days, there is a telephone installed in the elevator using which you can communicate with the maintenance crew. That also leads to interesting conversation. Last week, a friend of mine was in an elevator with his wife when it stopped abruptly

My friend didn't panic. He picked up the telephone in the elevator and talked to a voice on the other end.

Voice on the other end (VOOE): Hello

My Friend: *calm distinct in the voice* Please help.

VOOE: You are stuck in the elevator?

My Friend: Yes.

VOOE: You alone?

My Friend: No.

VOOE: *smile distinct in the voice* Are you with your girlfriend?

My Friend: *smiles* No, with my wife.

VOOE: *urgency and panic distinct in the voice* Hang in there, man. I am getting you out NOW.

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  1. " Are you with your girlfriend?" ha ha.. :-) Oh god.. Too good.. :-)

    1. :) Customer service at the best?

  2. Ha Ha ...
    The conversation was wonderful...

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  3. hahahahaha!! u had me fallen with the machine !! hahahaha

    even VOOE is married .. I am sure ! hahaha amazing !

    1. When my friend narrated the story, I also got the impression that VOOE was married. Otherwise, why would VOOE hurry to get him off the elevator. :) But it is also interesting way in which people see relationships. :)

  4. Jeez! Now that is a case for panic!! LOL :))
    Talk about getting stuck in the elevator, my maid got stuck about 3-4 times and she now gets so panicky that if there's no one for company, she prefers to take the stairs all the way to our 12th floor apartment!

    1. Being stuck in an elevator is a traumatic experience regardless of your claustrophobic quotient. I am not surprised your maid takes the stairs when there is no one with her. But 12 floors... That is too much. :)


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