Thursday, March 14, 2013

Snow, beautiful yet disruptive

Snow. It is white which essentially brings the notion of purity to your mind. If you had grown up in a place where it gets hot and hotter, snow is something you long for. What can beat snow-clad landscape? What is more exciting than making a snowman after a bout of fresh powder snow? These are the exciting factors about snow. When you venture out in snow on a working day, the sights are no doubt beautiful. It provides many a moment when a smartphone-powered camera is insufficient. There are a lot of beautiful compositions but a smartphone-powered camera is inadequate to capture it.

As you can see, the white in fact energizing. But on a working day, heavy snowfall has side effects. When you look out of your balcony, you only see poor souls, without a garage, scrapping the snow off their vehicles. When the snow arrives at an unexpected time as it did happen in the month of March in Paris, there are other repercussions. The city of Paris seems ill-equipped to handle snow at this time of the year. This is surprising as we had snowfall earlier in the winter where life went on as usual without disruptions. But now, it is a different story. All bus lines were suspended due to weather. The trams stopped working. The trains were erratic stopping in the middle of nowhere.

The first picture shows the information at the bus stop stating the service is interrupted. The second picture shows the information panel on the overheard TV showing yellow. Yellow is for information. Usually, it is all blue with train information written on it. As there all lines were suspended, the TV shows information on yellow.

For the past two days, it has been an ordeal to reach work; an ordeal and unaccomplished mission. The first day, I attended a meeting from Leclerc. I had to run into the big shopping mall as this was the easiest way to remain warm. The second day, I reached the office, but not the desired one as the train was suspended in between. Today, it is sunny. Sludge is everywhere but I also see city officials engaged in the cleanup. The buses are running. I hope to reach the office today.

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  1. I remebered my days when i was in Norway in 1999 - 2001. Lovely write up and pics . Thanks for sharing...

    Travel India

    1. Paris doesn't have as much snow as you might have encountered in Norway. Norway is better equipped in such situations as they have heavy snowfall. But in Paris, it is a different story. We don't expect too much snow here in this part of the world.

  2. This was the first winter in the snow for me. It was an amazing feeling to see the first snow fall. But after a few days, the monotony was bugging me too much. Not to mention the cold. Brr. Take care!

    1. :) Everyone is excited about snow. After the initial excitement has run out, then it becomes difficult. Every year, I am also excited about the snow for the photo opportunities. Continuous snow becomes a pain!

  3. Snowfall can really be disruptive!!!


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