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Word of mouth. This is the most effective and least costly form of advertisement. You only hear this from one of the person whom you trust. Hence it is reliable too. If an enterprise or an artist can garner these, then they are set in the path of success. At the same time, it is not easy to engineer word of mouth. Jonah Berger has a secret formula. He discusses this secret formula in this book. Okay. It is not a secret formula but part of the curriculum he teaches at Wharton.

For word of mouth to happen, Jonah points out a framework. The framework is termed as STEPPS based on 6 principles. They are Social Currency, Triggers, Emotion, Public, Practical Value and Stories. In this book, Jonah details how these principles help making something contagious enough to generate the word of mouth. The writing is interesting. For each principle, Jonah Berger explains the difficulties in doing the research. So he starts with an interesting example, stop it midway, goes back to the research involved, results achieved and how those results are relevant to the example he was talking about. This generates a curiosity in the reader to know more.

These principles are very useful for our enterprises no matter the size. It could be the next big project or a personal blog. By exploiting these principles, we will be able to get the extra mileage for our ventures. The best part is the word of mouth is absolutely free. Although the topic is marketing, this is a must read for all professionals because unknowingly we are involved in this aspect in our everyday life. Moreover as these are the materials from curriculum, it is as good as attending his class at Wharton.

The following are the videos from Youtube about the various examples given in the book.

Dove's evolution campaign

Tippi Hedren, godmother of Vitenamese Nail Salons

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