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Yes, we celebrate Holi in Paris. This year, I was armed with a camera. So I had three different Holi celebrations this year in Paris on three different days. Thank God! I can't imagine myself running between Holi celebrations all on one day. When India celebrated Holi, Nirwana, an India shop in Paris, celebrated it too. I mean on the same day. It was a very controlled affair. It was celebrated indoors and was an open event for it's customers. I gatecrashed with my friend.

I liked this picture because the subject was happy. Check his eyes. They are stretched in the smile. Isn't that proof enough that he is loving it?

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  1. Visited Paris between 02apr and 05apr :)
    Stayed with a friend in Corbeil

    1. So, you were here! You should have tried to contact me. We could have taken pictures together! :)

      I have not been to that area. This is close to Ivry.

      Did you have a good time here?

  2. Nice pic. I love the expression on this man's face.Hope you had a nice time clicking more such colourful & happy faces on holi:)

    1. Thank you. It was fun Holi and I have more pictures to share. I plan to do it when I get time. :)


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