Photos: Marathon de Paris, 2013

This weekend, it was the marathon in Paris officially called Marathon de Paris. Last year, I was out in the cold morning trying to get a picture of the runners. It turned out to be a disastrous venture. My hands were so cold that I could hardly hold the camera. After a few disappointing clicks, I decided to go back home. This year, I took my own sweet time. Instead of getting up early and going to the starting point of the marathon, I decided to visit the finishing line of the marathon when the sun was fully out. Sunday, the day of the event, turned out to have good weather too; something we haven't seen for a while.

Port Dauphine, the finishing line, was crowded. The roads were barricaded keeping the spectators away from the runners. So I walked all the way up to the Arc de Triomphe where the runners were swarming out of the finishing line, picking refreshments and meeting their dear one while on their way home. The photo opportunities were abundant with the right kind of lens. It looked like the day for wide angles lens although I ended up using wide angle and a prime lens.

A few months back, a friend talked about her experiences after participating in the marathon. It is an energizing event. After the marathon, she was in an elevated state of being for almost a week. A researcher by profession, she literally amazed (read it as bugged) her colleagues with her energy levels. 

Running a marathon is a great achievement. So it was no surprise when I saw this person smoking a cigar after the event. He deserved it.

If you look at the photograph below, tt is not random people kissing. They are a couple who ran together . Their friends and family were standing behind the camera encouraging them while they posed for the camera.

I could find a lot of English speakers and many flags from different parts of the world at this location. This is an indicator to how popular this marathon is. Imagine running from Arc de Triomphe and ending a few meters away from it while passing through some of the major monuments on the way. It is a group tour if not a healthy adventure.

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