Photos: Windmill of Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is a good place to shoot picture. The red color is the predominant theme. If you shoot red against a blue sky, it is a recipe for a good picture. Since I had a tripod with me, I decided on a long exposure. I decided to do my long exposure on the windmill that is featured above the building.

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  1. Moulin rouge...i have seen that's a lively Romantic story of two couples...that would make even the stones sob.

    1. I came across the name for the first time when the movie was being released. But the name actually belongs to the cabaret hall in Paris. That is why the movie is also set in Paris with a lot of red colors distinctly in most of the frames. :)

  2. I am speechless. The picture is amazing !

  3. Does not even look like a photo and that is a compliment.


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