Waking up to the music of abuse

A few days back, I talked about waking up in the morning. While writing it, I overlooked one factor. The waking process can be induced by an external factor. Although an alarm clock is technically an external factor, I am referring to an external factor which is forced upon you like a unexpected telephone call. This happened to me yesterday. Incidentally, the telephone call came through 10 minutes before my alarm clock rang.

Luckily, It was not bad news. If it was indeed bad news, believe me you would have had a bad night after which you would have woken up minutes before the telephone call. This has happened to me 2000 when my dad passed away. I was awake and restless minutes before the fateful call happened. Like most things in  life, everything makes sense after the event transpired. Until then, you have no clue. I have categorized it as things an ordinary mortal can't explain. I will not dwell on it further.

This telephone call wasn't a carrier of bad news. It was my friends (2 couples) calling from the other side of the Atlantic. They were in a very happy state. Why else would they call me? All of them professed their love to me in their own special way. At the end of the call, I only remembered abuses showered upon me by the boys. Strangely, I was smiling all along. In a way, this is the closest I can come to an abusive relationship. The smile may have been my gratefulness in getting an opportunity to experience something otherwise not possible.

Anyways, the call lasted for a while before they returned to what they were doing. At my end, I was fully awake which resulted in me getting to work early and accomplishing a lot. Today, I didn't have the special wake up call. The day was ordinary leaving behind a wish for a more productive day. Analyzing the two days, the sudden surge in productivity could be either of two reasons. The first being the call from friends placed me in a very high state from where gave me enough momentum to propel myself ahead in the path to success. The second is with a lot of abuses, my day had already hit a low that it couldn't get any worse.

I believe it is the first. But if you want to experiment, try the second option and let me know. In case your friends are not abusive enough, I can introduce you to couple of my friends....

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  1. I know these "special" friends and they have stopped calling me for some reason. It maybe due to the abusive words in Malayalam that don't affect me anymore since I have no idea what they mean..Hehe

    1. That is an interesting set of friends. Calling you and showering you words that you do not understand! At least my friends do it in a language I understand. :)


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