Why do we like to corrupt innocence?

Innocence is sweet. So I do not understand why people are obsessed in corrupting it? Have we all crossed over to the dark side that we now hate the permanence of innocence? That might not be the right way to think about it. But I do not know what else to deduce from a tale told by my young Indian friend. The tale involves 4 people, my young Indian friend, his Australian friend and two newly arrived Indians. The two newly arrived Indians have not fully acclimatized. As a result, they are still searching for good places to eat palatable food as per their needs. They also belong to a select minority group which doesn't consume alcohol.

As you can see, these two newly arrived Indians are the right fertile ground to introduce new habits. The very thought of it is exciting. Their mind is like a blank paper. You plant a bit of local culture, sit back and enjoy the results. If the bit of local culture isn't impressive, you restart the cycle with some other bit of local culture. For the bit of local culture, my young Indian friend and his Australian friend decided to choose wine. The French do take pride in their wine making skills. At the same time, they take pride in many other things for instance cuisine, language and in some cases their accented English too. From the ocean of possibilities, my young friend and his Australian friend picks up a drop. A drop named wine.

What do they do after picking up wine as the subject? They select a fine dining restaurant in their area. They order bottles which some of my wine connoisseur friends would even label as costly. They ensure the two new arrivals have their first taste of costly and quality wine. This part is good. What happened next wasn't pleasant! The night was long. The alcohol levels climbed up to the levels where the newly arrived couldn't handle the liquor. As a result, out came the alcohol from the alimentary canal through the oesophagus on to the table of the fine dining restaurant.

My young Indian friend and his Australian friend are happy now. They have introduced a new concept to the newcomers. Wine. For me, it was a fiasco. What was the new arrival's takeaway from the night? Embarrassment? The only good thing about the night would be the two new arrivals might stay away from alcohol and fine-dining restaurants. Staying away from alcohol is fine but staying away from fine dining restaurants is such a waste.

If you ask my opinion, let innocence alone. This not much in supply and hence we need to have this around for clearing our polluted brains. If you are still adamant and do not want to listen to my advice, then try to make the first experience memorable. Remember whatever we love at present, it is because we had a  memorable first experience.

Finally to my young Indian friend and his Australian friend, I have a remark. If you guys had taken it easy, these guys would have joined you everyday for a drink!

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  1. Awful ! I guess the poor guys are now disgusted of wine forever ?
    For paraphrasing your own metaphor, I indeed enjoy to "taint" innocence, and let the stain grow by itself ;)
    But here it's more wasting innocence than corrupting it :/

    1. Yes, such a good opportunity (of drinking companions) lost. By the way, you are good corrupter. :)

  2. J D Salinger's novel THE CATCHER IN THE RYE is about innocence. It shows how innocence has necessarily to be corrupted in the world of human beings. No choice!

    1. I have not read this novel. But isn't that a common theme in literature and movies. And they give a funny name to the theme. "coming off age"


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