Books: In fifty years, we'll all be chicks

What happens when a comedian who is also a talk show host writes a book? The book ends up like a script for the stand up act or the radio show. This is what happens with this book written by Adam Carolla. The chapters are dedicated to one issue or subject. If you step back and look at the entire content of the book, these are subject or issues that might not have any link to each other. On the brighter side, there are jokes littered in every sentence and at times, there are many jokes in one sentence. We can heave a sigh of relief here as that is what we are primarily looking for in a book like this.

I have not seen any of the shows of Adam Carolla before. I have heard about the Man Show before. If you are familiar with Adam Carolla's work, then you might not be surprised with the content of the book. I was not familiar. But now I have a good idea about what his shows are about. Adam primarily tackles the American paranoia and fear in this book. He asks everyone to be think before acting instead of acting without thinking. For instance, why would a barman card a veteran? Doesn't he look old enough to order a drink? He points out to a time when things were not like this. All these started in the recent years. And if it is going to continue like this, then we'all be chicks in the next fifty years!

In a way, Adam Carolla is asking everyone to be sensitive and intuitive. The funny and ironic part being he is asking to be this in the most insensitive and politically incorrect way. It can be forgiven. After all, he is writing a book that would invoke laughter. Political incorrectness is the surefire way to make us all laugh. Airports, politicians and entertainment are a few of the subjects picked by Adam. Hidden beneath all the jokes, there is also stuff to think deeply.

As a book, this is an extension of a stand up act. I advise you to download Adam Carolla's podcast instead of reading this book.

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