How to make crisp(i)er emails?

Some of the email communication happening at work places are a source of amusement. Sometimes people put too many sentences to communicate while others do it with few words, making us long for more explanations. Everybody wants information not only in as few words as possible but also in the vocabulary they wish. This provides fodder for anguish especially when a new team is being formed or a new manager has taken charge. There is a new learning and also "un"-learning.

Recently, a friend of mine reacted in an amusing manner at work while communicating through email. At that point in time, he was overloaded and frustrated when a manager responded to his email through an intermediary. The response was simple. "Can this be crisper?". He got the word wrong. It should have been crispier or crispy instead of crisper. But I believe you get the drift. This apparently put my friend in a really bad mood. He replied immediately. "Please ask him to fry the email to make it crisper". Even my friend got the word wrong. He was more interested in a retort than the correctness of the retort.

The communication was through the intermediary. So I don't know what the intermediary did to appease both parties. But coming back to emails, I have started to wish for a frying pan when I see really long emails in order to make the emails a bit more "crisper". The thought of frying pan also has a positive effect on me. I immediately smile which make the deciphering process a lot easier.

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