Books: The Heist

Opposites attract. This is one the theme of the novel jointly written by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg. I found this book in the NY Times Best Sellers List and had no clue about the authors. But a little bit of research on Amazon and wikipedia revealed the genres written by the authors. Different sensibilities associated with their respective genres ends up in a happy marriage in this book resulting in us having a easily readable, immensely amusing and quickly forgettable thriller.

Agent Kate O'Hare is determined to nail the con man Nicolas Fox. She has already spent so much time in this pursuit. Now this mission has become an obsession for her. Fox has a way of outguessing Kate and taunting her whenever he escapes from her. Before long, they are also forced into an union for a greater mission. At the core, it is a cat-and-mouse game. During the beginning, it is between Kate and Fox and then the duo unites against a common villain.

When you read the novel, you feel like you are watching a Hollywood thriller. The story moves very fast with Fox plotting for every eventuality, overcoming the antagonist smoothly and unbelievably most of the time. If you are looking for a break from the heavy duty stuff you have been reading lately, then this is the perfect book for you to immerse yourself.

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  1. Reading your reviews is now making me read this book..Hopefully I will get to read this.. :-)

    1. I got it from Amazon. Enjoy reading.


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