Books: The Lock Artist

The protagonist named Mike, in this novel written by Steve Hamilton, is unable to speak. Although there is nothing wrong with him as far as his speech system is concerned, Mike has lost the ability due to a tragedy that occured during his childhood. As a result of this tragedy, he develops an interest toward locks especially on how to open them. Because of this unique ability, people befriend him at different stages of his life which always leads to trouble for Mike.

Steve Hamilton uses two timelines to tell the story. As the novel starts, Mike is on his way leaving his home behind. Very soon, Steve Hamilton switches back to a time frame which is earlier than the start of the novel which describes what makes Mike leave his home. The author does not reveal the tragedy in Mike's life till the very end. This is a good technique since it makes us want to finish the novel faster and prevents us from keeping it down. Since the protagonist can't speak, the author elegantly describes what goes through the Mike's mind. This is where the writer in Steve Hamilton is brilliant.

I picked up the book since it was categorized as a thriller. I found this to be more of a love story than a thriller. What drives Mike in the novel is the love for a girl. This love makes him a lock artist. If you are looking for a drama with a dash of thrills, then this is a good book to pick up.

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