Do you want me to update your Facebook status?

"Do you want me to update your Facebook status?". This question surprised me. The chances are you are in the same boat. You are also surprised by this question. However, the question was not aimed at me. I happened to overhear this exchange. I know I shouldn't be. But, what can I do? All the multitasking skills I learnt over the years had made me process multiple channels of information at the same time.

I try hard to update my status on Facebook. I do it using the app on my phone and sometimes the web interface too. Sometimes, I go overboard updating my status. People have complained about updating too much in too little time. But nobody have, until now, stepped forward and offered help in updating my status on Facebook. As you know, dispersing information about yourself is not an easy task as there is no software yet which can read your mind and update the status. Until such  software is created, you have to do it the old fashioned way; either by yourself or make somebody do it for you.

Here is an young man offering the service to a young woman. It became more intriguing when the young woman dashed towards the young man on hearing this question. Is she going to hug and kiss him? That was the question on my mind. What happened was less dramatic than what my mind conjured up. She sat on the machine near the young man. Then she logged out of her Facebook account page on the machine. 

She was using a public machine and forgot to logout after using it. The young man was nice enough not to use her account and bad enough to tease her. You may not be as lucky as the young woman in this narrative. So make sure you logoff from your accounts while using a public machine.

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  1. Hahahaha..That is some kind of unusual read...And I am so happy that I have no FB account to give me all this troubles...

    1. You are lucky. Don't create one. It is very addictive. :)

  2. Very interesting read. Yes, the FB makes one addictive.


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