Friday, July 26, 2013

The Ring of Defiance

Although this post is about a ring, it is not about the kind of ring that you wear on your fingers. If it will peak your interest in the blog, let me tell you this is about a pretty young thing and a ring. The ring which is the topic of discussion is the kind worn on the nose. Yes, I am talking about nose rings. Let me confess. I like nose rings. For me, nose rings present a good opportunity to click pictures although most of the time I forget about taking a picture when spotting one.

There are rules for everything. We may not realize it. But this is the truth about life. There are rules about nose rings too. The outside of the left is where the nose is pierced. If you are wondering where I got this information, I got the "left" from the pretty young thing and "the outside" in the outside of the left from wikipedia. I have always ogled at nose rings but I am not as keen an observer to notice which side of the nose features the nose ring.

The pretty young thing has her nose pierced on the right side of the nose. You may ask why? To be different and not follow the traditional norms. This is understandable. Don't we all love to break the rules? That is why I call it the ring of defiance.

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  1. That's defiance indeed. In South, women pierce only their left nose and that's being done at the time of marriage. Nose stud or ring is worn by both married and unmarried Hindu women in some other regions.

    1. You have given me more tidbits about nose rings. I didn't know this was associated with marriage. Anyways, the pretty young thing is not married.

  2. Oh My Good..I am Lucky to be Guy,don't have to deal with a Nose Rings..But I do love breaking the rules.. :-)

    1. :) Then I am pretty sure you are breaking many other rules.


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