Books: The Kill Artist

An art restorer. An unlikely cover for a spy. Yet, that is what the author Daniel Silva choses for his protagonist Gabriel Allon. Gabriel Allon is an Israeli. He is also part of the elite team which uses all means to eliminate Israel's enemies. Now he is in retirement after a tragedy. But his former boss Ari Shamron closing toward his retirement due to old age and struggling with the internal politics coerces into accepting an assignment.

Daniel Silva uses the backdrop of Israeli-Palestinian peace summit in NYC during the 90s to tell a story of espionage. This becomes interesting because he weaves in real incidents and real people in his narrative. Moreover, he uses an unlikely profession which needs a lot of patience and sharp eyes as the cover for his protagonist. How he links the cover job to the actual job of the protagonist is interesting.

At the bottom line, this is an escapist fare. This is a good read if you enjoy fiction and you also follow the current affairs actively. Otherwise, it is a routine spy thriller. Be warned, this is a series and this book is the first one in the series.

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