Books: The Man with a Getaway Face

Parker gets a new face by enlisting the services of a plastic surgeon based in Lincoln, Nebraska. After the surgery, Parker is left with very little money. So he starts looking for a new job. The new job that comes by is not something which Parker is not extremely comfortable with. Nevertheless, he takes up the assignment. Before long, his past also catches up with more complications.

Donald E Westlake writing as Richard Stark picks up the story a few months later where he stopped with the earlier book in the Parker series. The author wastes no times and quickly weaves a new tale of suspense and treachery. Parker is a criminal who has no regrets about his deeds. He is ready to go any distance if it suits his plan. This is the perfect recipe for a paperback which is intended for a break from our routine.

I advice you to read this in the order it was written.

The other books in the series are.

The Hunter

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