She takes charge

When men become lazy, then women takes charge to get the best out of the men. Read the transcript of the conversation between a couple to find out more.

He: Let's go for a movie.

She: Fine. Check out if there are tickets available.

He: *after checking in bookmyshow* The nearest theater is not listing any tickets. There seems a problem connecting to their servers.

She: *silently listening*

He: There are tickets available in the movie hall which is 15 minutes drive away.

She: *raises her eyebrows* You really want to spend money on gas to see that movie?

He: *looks at her innocently with an unsaid YES as answer*

She: Why don't you drive to the nearest cinema hall, park outside, check for tickets and let me know. I will walk over. After all, it is not far away.

He: No no no. I will walk to the cinema hall, check if tickets are available and let you know. You take the car to reach there on time.

Now, he is ready to leave the home.

She: Did you take your keys?

He: *confused* Don't you need it?

She: I have the spare keys to the car. You can take the keys.

After 20 minutes, he gets the ticket and calls back.

He: I have the tickets. You can start now.

She: When is the movie?

He: In an hour.

She: So you can come back and drive me there.

He: *surprised and controlling his emotions* What!!???.... You have the keys!

She: *as a matter of fact*The spare keys does not work. It takes only 15 minutes for you to come back home.

He: *going through multiple emotions*

She: Well, you skipped your workout in the morning. This will compensate for that.

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  1. Replies
    1. I agree. It is tough to beat a determined mind. :)

  2. Ha ha lol, guess it happened to u recently...

    1. My lips are sealed. I will confirm this is based on a true story. :)

  3. hahaha ! what a way to get things working ... nice one ~!

    1. Out of box things or scheming. Whichever you interpret it, the results are guaranteed. ;)

  4. Indeed the conditions of Male..

  5. Very interesting and quite hilarious :)



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