A Fine medical check-up

Doctors are funny. Their funny side usually comes up during a medical check-up especially the ones which are unplanned. Recently, my friend had to go for a medical check-up because of a sudden event thrust  upon him. He was traveling to a foreign country for a project. The organizational norms made him pay a visit to the hospital for a medical check-up. 

Without this medical check-up, there might be complications with the insurance claims, if any. Being associated with a professional trip, this medical check-up happened two days before my friend was supposed to fly. After the medical check-up, he turned up for his results. While collecting the report, he was asked to talk to the doctor. As a result, he ended up in the doctor’s cabin. Here is what happened in the cabin.

My Friend: *impatient* The nurse told me to meet you.

Doctor: *nodding, takes up my friend’s report and goes through it*

My Friend: *increasingly impatient*

Doctor: *keeps the report down* Sugar level is normal. Cholesterol level is normal. Everything is normal and fine.

My Friend: *almost ready to get up* So all is well. Can I go now?

Doctor: *slowly* The heart rate is low.

My Friend: *shocked* What??!!!

Doctor: *steady voice* Your heart rate is low.

My Friend: *confused* What? You told me everything is fine and now you tell me this.

Doctor: *looking blankly at my friendly*

My Friend: *take a deep breath, composes himself before starting to speak slowly and clearly* Let me make it clear for you. I am flying day after tomorrow to a foreign country. What do you suggest? Should I stick to the plan or should I cancel the plan? *pauses* Go or Not Go? That is the question!

Doctor: *sighs* You may fly. There may or may not be problems. If you want to be sure, then I need another week to give you a solid confirmation.

My friend spent considerable time on this dilemma. For the outside world, this might amount to half an hour. But for him, it was considerable time. Then, he decided to stick to the plan. He flew as per the plan. Now, I know you are curious about the low heart rate. It is a condition commonly found in athletes where their heart rate goes down below 60. How did my friend came to know about this? He consulted another doctor a few days after reaching his destination.

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    1. ha ha ha. Living dangerously! That is what I can say about my friend. He was willing to travel despite this!

  2. Nona, Loved it!
    We have to take care of our health! But despite that, anything can happen! Even I'd have stuck to my plan had I been in your friend's place! :)

    1. You are as adventurous as my friend. :)

  3. Who could guess that till the end! Great read ! Liked it :-)

  4. Nice post for a fine medical check up.. Yes the doctors are so funny...

    1. :) Thank you. They are really a funny species.

  5. Your blogs are tempting me to restart my blogging journey!! Nice attempt Nona..

    1. Then, what are you waiting for? You should start one!


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