F in Disclaimer

If you are thinking there is no F in Disclaimer, then you are right. You may wonder what am I talking about. The F in Disclaimer emerged as part of the conversation with my newly acquired witty and ingenious friend. He is involved in a high visibility project. You may now ask me to show you a project which is not high visibility. It is impossible. No project is small or insignificant. Every project is a high visibility project as it is an overused term for instilling motivation in a team.

So my friend is involved in a high visibility project. With greater responsibility comes greater stress. The project is being tracked on a hour-by-hour basis. Who would have thought things could come to this level? I am not against tracking project on a hour-by-hour basis. A project can be tracked in the minutest span of time as long as you have set the framework for it in the initial place. If there is no framework, then the project may also be termed a circus. What is the point in tracking a circus on a hour-by-hour basis? Instead, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Imagine having external pressure from the customer in addition to the internal pressure to meet the aggressive deadlines. If both the parties - internal and external - turn out to be bad listeners, then people end up being walking-and-talking pressure cookers. Even though my friend is outwardly and inwardly calm, he has certain suggestions for payback. This is where Disclaimer comes into picture. The Disclaimer in consideration is the long line of text which corporations attach to the end of the email while sending out emails in order to limit the liabilities on the sender and the organization. My friend suggests to add F words and other colorful language in the disclaimer. Anyways, nobody reads the disclaimer. The sender, if frustrated, can get a temporary and much needed relief.

Before you start using the disclaimer to implement my friend's advice, let me warn you. I have taken disclaimers very seriously after this conversation and combs through the entire text to make sure there are no coded messages in between the lines.

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