Your team member has let you down

Did you flinch reading the heading of this post? I won't hold it against you if you did flinch. If you examine the statement, it is about betrayal. In the context of a project, there was an expectation and the team member did not match up to it there by betraying the trust we placed in the person. It is an act which brings out raw emotions in us. To be frank, I flinched when I heard the statement although the subject was not me.

There are two different issues which converged to create this statement. The first, the importance of communication in any project which is executed by people from different teams who normally work independent of each other. In such a case, it is important all of them meet together to discuss open issues. The second, there are different management styles.

Now let's go back to where we were. So a bunch of us from different teams were called in for a brainstorming session. The brainstorming session was chaired by someone higher up on the ladder. Since the meeting was arranged in a very short time, there was one person missing because he was on annual leave. Guess what happened.

The meeting was rescheduled and the someone higher up on the ladder clearly stated. "This session will only commence if everyone is here. Since your team member has let you down, you guys can reschedule this meeting". The meeting was rescheduled to 2 days later. This time, everyone turned up.

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  1. Isn't life a series of betrayals? Right from Eve and Adam?

    1. The other way to look at it is... a series of expectation management(more downgrades and less upgrades). ;)


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