A father gets his son into trouble

When a son grows up to be a man, a father gets anxious and worried about many things. In fact, a father does this part all his life and during all phases of a son's life. But have you heard about a father causing trouble for a son after the latter has grown up to be a man? My young friend has landed in trouble because of his dad. 

When my young friend was growing up, his dad was a role model. He was back home as soon as his work got over. His father did a lot of penny pinching to see two kids through school and college. When my young friend landed up in a well paid job after graduation, the trouble started. As part of the job, my young friend had to relocate to another city. A few days after he moved out of him home town, his friends started calling him on the phone complaining about my friend's dad. They are unable to go to any local pub because of my friend's dad. Whenever they visit a local pub, they find his dad and his friend having a drink. Out of respect, these friends of my friend stealthily move out and find another pub to quench their thirst. This has reached to a point where these friends send out a scout on an reconnaissance mission in order to identify a safe pub. Nobody likes planning. These guys have to plan their pub visits now.

My friend's dad has a different line of reasoning. He has worked hard to provide for his family. Now his kids are well settled. It is time to catch up on lost time. He has never done this in his life. Now he has reached a point where he can safely do all these and enjoy it.

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  1. That sounds like my dad. Everytime I call home, he is out partying with my mom. I guess it's a well-deserved break. Here I am managing my family and there he is, making up on lost time. I guess, one day as my son grows up, my time will come too. :D

    1. It is nice to know there are other dads who are enjoying (and thankfully not causing trouble to their kids). Yeah, I am pretty sure you will get your share of happiness too when your son grows up. :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading it. Keep it up Nona

  3. Same goes here...My folks are out in Kerala , enjoying the back-waters....And here I am struggling to get the Water-pipes fixed...there has been no Water since morning...


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