Men and their underwear

Men have a strange relationship with their underwear. If you are woman, I urge you to wait till I am done with this piece. If you are a man, do you agree with me? If you don't, I have a simple question for you. Why do you end up sleeping in the couch or floor in your underwear when you are inebriated? I'am not peeking into your bedroom. Ironically, it is the women who brings up this subject.

Before leaving Paris, I have been out in the city, the city of light for everyone and city of conversation in cafes/bars for me, with the my friends many times. In fact, one occasion was when two of my young friends invited me for dinner with their girlfriends. One of the girls was meeting me for the first time even though I have been friends her boyfriend for two years. To my amusement, she recounted the story when she came to know we were all good friends. That was the night when she knew all three of us were going out on a boy's night. In the middle of the night she got up from bed and walked to the living room as she could not find her boyfriend in bed. Worried that her boyfriend had not reached home, she walked into the living room in the slim hope she could find some clues there. Instead of clues, she found him there on the couch in his underwear and sleeping like a baby. When she described it, her eyes shown with the pleasure of seeing him sleep peacefully.

Of course, all my friends have a good time when they are with me. I take pride in it. But the underwear thing was interesting. It became more interesting two weeks later when underwear turned up in another conversation. Another young friend of mine and also colleague turned up at work slightly hung over on too many drinks from the previous night. Don't blame for me too many drinks. There was a small party at work followed up two other parties. One of the parties was a corporate event which all of us had gatecrashed. In my defense, I didn't instigate gatecrashing.  I only encouraged it. So my friend turns up the next day and confesses he had too many drinks the previous night. His wife was a bit upset in the morning when she found him sleeping in the couch. Yes, you guessed it right. When she found him sleeping in the couch in his underwear. She felt he wouldn't have done this if he hadn't consumed too much alcohol.

Like I said, men have a strange relationship with their underwear!

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  1. Ha ha, if I might, I will add one story from my side here. It is no less interesting.

    One of my room mates, was once preparing for GMAT and those days, he used to write on the ceiling and walls - "You are no good if you can't get a score of ***", and so on. And guess what? When he studied, he would be in his underwear.

    Oh! and another, who after having bath, would roam in the house in his underwear, which nearly matched his complexion. you can imagine the wee bit shock when we witnessed that still groggy in sleep every morning.

    Cheers, keep writing.

    1. ha ha ha. The anecdotes are funny and amusing. Was the writing on the wall a mistake or by design? :) The two anecdotes only bring out the strange relation with men and their underwear.

  2. Haha... Laughing all the way. Men are weird :P


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