The smell of spices

The smell of spices. It awakens us. 

Imagine yourself in a busy train. The seat next to you is empty. A man decides to occupy the seat besides you. When he sits down, the first thing that hits you is the smell of spices from his jacket. 

This could happen anywhere. It doesn't have to be a busy train. Sometimes I have experienced the smell of spices while wearing a jacket. The awareness is usually followed by frantic and extreme spraying of cologne or a visit to the laundry. I have to confess the latter always has been the most effective way. 

What baffles me is how does the smell of spices seep into the jacket? It is true we use a lot of spice. At the same time, we do not keep the jacket right next where we cook! We always take extreme care of our clothes. Despite this, our clothes smell of spices! How does this happen?

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  1. True. A problem no doubt. But it happens, if clothes are not stored in the cupboards.

    In US., people used to tell us the we indians cook spices and our entire house, including clothes smell!! I used to cook in the open , on the deck to avoid smells.(during the little time I spent there).

    1. The first thing we do after returning from work is hanging the jacket in the closet. We do not keep it in the living room or near the kitchen. Even after taking precautions, it smells! It is easier in India since the smell is not prominent. When you live abroad, the smell is distinct

  2. There is something called perspiration! Try leaving that jacket in the car, have sardine fry, wear that jacket & let me know what you find out... or people sitting next to you finds out :-P

    Same applies to alcohol. So, why should spices be left out?

    Whatever goes in, comes out... One way or the other... ;-) Or so I believe.... O:-)

    1. Interesting point. But I see your point.

      But I am sure this is not perspiration related smell of spices. :)


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