God's house(s) in Wembley

I visited an area of Wembley near the Wembley Central underground station over the weekend. The visit was a result of occasional religious pangs I experience. It purely religious and not spiritual for spiritual should come from deep within instead of stemming from a fear of god. I am driven more by fear of god. Wembley Central has three temples to offer a spiritual/religious seeker. It also multitude of Indian restaurants and microcosm of Indian, Pakistan and probably Bangladesh. Even if your roots are from this area of the world, it is still overwhelming.

In order to ensure I will not subjected to this sudden pain in the future, I went to all three temples. But what finally captured my attention was another phenomenon. Cleanliness is a major part of any religious house. You can't wear your shoes into the house of god. This is strictly followed across religions. It is the same case here. In India, there is another thing to look for. The kind of businesses in the near proximity of the house of god. For instance, you will not find a bar within a certain distance. It is ironic since you can find people visiting temple and then ending up in one. It does make sense to have these nearby thereby reducing the travel time. But then life itself is strange. Who am I to question?

At Wembley, I found a meat shop right next to the temple. Somehow it stuck odd to me as I don't recollect such a sight in India. I am pretty sure such a thing would have bothered everyone back at home. Over here in London, it doesn't matter to anyone. I wonder why?

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  1. Hey Nona... I have seen similar sights here in Bangalore ... though the shop is not adjacent .. a petrol bunk is in middle... In A.P. also I witnessedsimilar sights `from bus sights and I thought I was the only one to be disturbed.

    1. Interesting as I have noticed this in Bangalore. It may be because I am busy driving or trying to find a parking spot there. :)

      To make it clear. These sights do not disturb me. Of course, I am amused by these sights. Otherwise, I wouldn't be writing about it. :)


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