Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Pathfinder to Scotland

Traveling is very relaxing. Even if you have to drive for 9 hours to reach your destination. Even if you are in a SUV designed for 7 people. Even if you thrown from one side to other inside the vehicle while speeding on the winding roads. All this makes sense when your destination is a remote village in Scotland. The land which can be aptly termed rustic beauty. The land where they speak English differently which makes me suspect the locals are eating while talking. As of now, Scotland is still part of UK. So, this is the right time for me to visit as I don't need another visa on my passport to visit. This may change in the future.

The sun has long withdrawn when we reached Scotland. So a good part of our journey was in the darkness. The roads are interesting when you are riding shotgun. For the driver, it requires a lot of attention. There are no lights on the road. So you have to depend on the headlights of the vehicle. Luckily, our choice of vehicle had powerful lights. Some parts of the road did not have a clear demarcation between the right and the left. So the driver has to exercise his judgement on how much of the road can be taken by his vehicle. On the positive side, traffic is scant. There are speed cameras like the counties have got a major discount of these equipment! Then there are roads with no shoulders and rock walls on one side. That is more scarier if you are driving a vehicle you are not accustomed to.

Traveling also makes me compare the new place with the ones which I have already visited. The rock walls and absence of demarcation reminds me of the drive to Manali. This is equally beautiful and equally exciting or scary depending on which angle you are looking at. These are some of the similarities you could draw. In fact, no two places are the same in the world. Isn't the amazing thing about nature? Like life, instead of yearning for the other thing or the near-perfect thing, we should just kick back and enjoy what we experience right now. If it brings a whiff of nostalgia, all the better. The key is not to brood about it. Isn't it?

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  1. Scotland is very fascinating! I'd love to experience its rustic beauty and interact with the locals.

    1. It is beautiful. I am still savoring everything. But one thing for sure, there is a lot of photographs to be taken here. A couple of days is not enough. :) You should check out the deals to Scotland. Tourism is big time here.

  2. Yup absolutely agree..No other experience enriches and relaxes you as much as travelling does ..i had seen a few snaps of scotland from friends who'd been there and they were awesome ..enjoy..

    1. Scotland is beautiful. I didn't visit the cities. I had gone to the lakes and mountains. I had a very relaxing time over there.


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